Website Updated

by | Dec 14, 2016 | Gas Engineer Software

We have recently updated the website to address a few issues.

There is nothing you need to do, we just wanted to keep you updated. We will also be releasing iOS and Android updates shortly.

Website Updates

1) Removed the upload limit for photos, users can now upload an unlimited number of photos to a job.

2) Updated the default subject line for Gas Warning Notice emails.

3) Added the ability to select which engineers name appears on a form for office users.

4) Fixed an issue with second CC email included in template not being automatically included for future emails.

5) Fixed reminders going out for deleted job addresses in some cases.

6) Fixed converting a quote to invoicing changing currency.

7) Fixed converting a quote to an invoice not stopping quote reminders from being sent.

8) Fixed typo on job sheet form.

9) Fixed less than symbol in engineer comments box resulting in partial PDF generation.

10) Fixed signature field on the job sheet not previewing/updating.

We hope these updates benefit you.

And thank you once again for using our software!

All the Team at Gas Engineer Software

0207 129 7058