View Last Year’s Cert’s on Apps

by | Nov 6, 2014 | Gas Engineer Software

There has been a number of requests for a feature where you can see the previous years certificates while on site.

This will help you to see any changes and see exactly what happened in the past. We have had the feature on the website for over 18 months and it has now come to the iPhone, iPad and Android Apps as well.

This means you will have all of the appliance details, full history and notes for each appliance, job addresses and customers on the Apps.

View Previous Certificates

To view previous certificates and appliance details within the Apps, click on the ‘Job Address’ option on the Home Screen.

Search and select the Job Address you wish to check (you can also search by customer if you want) and then click on the ‘View Existing Certificates, Quotes, Invoices’ option.


Thanks for all of everyone’s feedback and help improving the software.

And I am sorry we have not been able to do all of the requests straight away.