Updates for Gas Engineer Software – October 2020

by | Oct 5, 2020 | Gas Engineer Software

It’s October already! The cold weather is finally here, and people are eyeing up the central heating dial for the first time in months. That’s why our team has been working hard for the past month, improving the software and adding new quality-of-life features to take the strain off you as your business picks up.

On the Web Portal, we’ve added features that make finding and sorting archived records easier than ever. We’ve also made tons of little changes based on user feedback.

On the mobile side of things, we’ve made additions like customer names on calendar events – so you can see at a glance who you’re doing a job for – as well as numbering records on the record list to help you identify them quicker.

There’s lots of other behind-the-scenes tweaks and improvements too, which you can check out down below – this month, we made 8 releases and 29 individual changes across all platforms.

All of these updates and improvements are from your feedback and suggestions.

As always, thank you for your ongoing support – we really appreciate it.

Kind Regards

Tulloch Priest
And all the team at
Gas Engineer Software.

Web Portal Updates

(3 releases – current version 1.25.3)

• Added an “Archived” tab under job addresses, so archived records can now be easily restored
• Character limits for the appliance notes and customer notes have been significantly increased as a result of user feedback
• Improvements to the Unvented Hot Water Cylinders record based on user feedback
• Introduced options to export your data in a format appropriate for import into Xero
• Resolved an issue that stopped some users from accessing their subscription settings
• Xero will no longer disappear from integration settings when a customer clicks Disconnect
• VAT amounts other than 20% will now be respected for any line items pushed across to Xero
• Fixed a rare case where some customers would not carry across to Mailchimp
• ID card no. displayed on forms will now correctly reflect the selected engineer
• Character counters have been added to some fields which have a limit
• Secondary email linked to a customer will no longer receive reminders
• Ampersands in the job ref field of a Job Sheet will no longer display as “amp;”
• Fixed calendar events for the week not showing in very rare circumstances
• Restoring an archived calendar event no longer loses the associated customer and job address
• Fixed line item templates not saving

iOS App Updates

(4 releases – current version 5.6.6)

• Customer names are now shown on calendar events
• Added record numbers to the list of records
• Added the ability to add invoice/quote/estimate date when creating within the app
• Added the “Unsaved Changes” alert to more areas within the app
• Introduced changes that will help the app work alongside the new iOS 14
• Non Domestic Gas Safety records now appear in Existing Records and Drafts again
• Resolved a rare crash that occurred for some users when creating a new calendar event
• Fixed an issue with scrolling through the calendar that only occurred on older devices
• Resolved an issue with opening existing records on older devices

Android App Updates

(1 release – current version 6.0.7)

We’re making great progress with the newest version of the Android app, and more of you are using it now than ever before. We’re still polishing and releasing it to more users in small batches; the below changes are for those of you on the latest version of the app.

• Improved the time it takes to sync the app
• Added “Landlord Appliance” option for gas appliances
• Customer names are now displayed on calendar events
• Fixed a minor fault when importing a customer from contacts
• A number of major improvements to the stability of the software