Updates for Gas Engineer Software – November 2020

by | Nov 6, 2020 | Gas Engineer Software

We hope you’ve been busy this month, as the cold weather takes hold and customers’ radiators rattle back to life! We’ve been cracking on behind the scenes, making improvements and changes to support you at your busiest.

We’ve been continuing our hard work on the new Android app, adding quality-of-life improvements and making changes based on user feedback, as well as continually updating the existing iOS app and Web Portal to keep the wheels turning smoothly.

For a full list of all 3 releases and 14 individual changes across our three platforms, take a look down below.

All of these updates and improvements are from your feedback and suggestions.

Thanks as always for your ongoing support – we really appreciate it.

Kind Regards

Tulloch Priest
And all the team at
Gas Engineer Software.

Web Portal Updates

(1 release – current version 1.25.4)

• Introduced changes to the back-end which allow us to assist users in importing customer/property data via CSV
• Fixed a rare case in which opening an old record sometimes displayed a different record instead
• Various other tweaks and improvements based on user feedback

iOS App Updates

(2 releases – current version 5.6.8)

• The date when converting a quote to an invoice is now displayed correctly
• Resolved an issue where the app would not reissue some records
• Resolved cases where “password/email has changed” message would display after syncing the app
• Fixed the time on Estimates, Quotes, and Invoices changing to 01:00

Android App Updates

(1 release – current version 6.0.8)

We’re making great progress with the newest version of the Android app, and more of you are using it now than ever before. We’re still polishing and releasing it to more users in small batches; the below changes are for those of you on the latest version of the app.

• Added the ability to use letters and numbers in the Smoke No field on the CD/11
• Added blank option for customer title
• Added validation for email addresses to other areas of the app
• Added missing “Add Payment” option when viewing a PDF preview of an unpaid Invoice
• Appliance defaults when filling out a record will fall in line with the defaults used in the iOS app
• Removed automatic selection of customer and job address when creating a new event; this will now be left to the user
• A number of other fixes and improvements based on user feedback