Updates for Gas Engineer Software – November 2018

by | Nov 1, 2018 | Gas Engineer Software

It’s been an exciting time, with major updates to your software, including:
• Tighter security.
• In-app chat for support.
• Welcoming a new member (Joe) to the growing support team.
• New permission option ‘Restricted’ for companies that want to control access to their data.
• Complete rebuild of the Gas Engineer Software subscription system.

We hope these updates help you and your teams grow your business.
All the very best from all the team at Gas Engineer Software

Kind Regards

Tulloch Priest
And all the team at
Gas Engineer Software.

iOS App Updates


  1. Added operating burner pressure field to the Gas Service Record and Gas Breakdown Record.
  2. Improvements to how our support button is provided within the software.
  3. Overhauled the contact import function, which has introduced massive improvements to it’s reliability.
  4. Changes to further improve the quality of photos on some devices.
  5. App syncs the VAT number if it’s changed after the initial sync.
  6. Estimates will now be displayed when viewing from existing customer/job address records.
  7. Added Bunded tank type for CD/10, CD/11 and CD/12 records.
  8. Rectified app overwriting engineer/company settings in some situations.
  9. Company details can no longer be modified by non-admin users.
  10. Payment can now be added for invoices found under existing customer/job address records.
  11. Region field under settings is no longer uppercase.
  12. Added further defaults for the landlord/homeowner inspection details.
  13. Date is now provided on the signature page of all records.
  14. Updated keyboard layout for CC field to allow for semicolon entry if multiple emails are desired.
  15. Options selected during creation of record will now be correctly reflected on drafts.
  16. Added tightness test field to the Gas Service Record.
  17. Introduced a support button to the app – contact us whenever and wherever you need help, straight from the app.
  18. Restricted mode will now limit users to the calendar.

Android App Updates


  1. Introduced operating burner pressure field to the Gas Service and Gas Breakdown records.
  2. Minor changes to spelling within some forms based on user feedback.
  3. Update for Gas Safety certifications, ensuring that entered data is displayed correctly on drafts.
  4. Improved compatibility with Android 7/8.
  5. Introduced field for tightness test on the Gas Service Record.
  6. Changes to rectify UI when modifying events.
  7. Introduced restricted mode to the app – once enabled, certificates can only be created through assigned events.
  8. A number of improvements to the stability of the software.

Web Portal Updates


  1. Added operating burner pressure and heat input fields to both the Gas Service Record and Gas Breakdown Record.
  2. Major improvements to the security of the software across the website.
  3. Fixed job sheet redirection.
  4. Fixed save button on customer details screen.
  5. Reloading the page while creating a Gas Warning Notice will now correctly respect the existing classification.
  6. Creating a job sheet will no longer direct to the last open property.
  7. Duplication is no longer possible when entering a job address.
  8. Improvements to how the apps and website communicate.
  9. Option to show or hide Company name on invoices, quotes and estimates.
  10. Invoices copied from Gas Engineer Software to Xero will respect the invoice due requirements set within Xero.
  11. Added tightness test for the Gas Service Record.
  12. Improvements to where the dashboard pulls data, ensuring that it ignores all archived instances of invoices / jobs.
  13. Changes to the process of creating a new account within the software, prompt will be displayed as the software generates the user account.
  14. Calendar events set for multiple days will now reflect the colour of the selected engineer
  15. Rebuilt subscription payment system.