Updates for Gas Engineer Software – May 2019

by | May 1, 2019 | Gas Engineer Software

A new invoice layout has now been released!

This feature was highly requested and ensures that your company comes across as professional, smart and instant without making your customers wait.

We are now working on the next most requested new feature for the web portal – Quickbooks integration.

This will save many man hours!

In other news, the new iOS app is looking very good and will be released in a few weeks time. (We are just finishing building a small number of remaining elements and then need to complete all of the testing.)

The Android app will follow as the Android rebuild required a lot more additional work.

All of these improvements will make your software easier to use, faster and allow you to focus on getting the job done – not paperwork.
Kind Regards

Tulloch Priest
And all the team at
Gas Engineer Software.

Web Portal Updates

(10 releases – current version 1.14.10)


  1. Major redesign of the invoice, quotes and estimates, which improves how these documents are generated across multiple pages, providing a detailed payment history, layout changes to support letter windows and much more!
  2. We’ve made usability improvements to the input calendar provided on date fields throughout the website based on observations, made changes which will ensure the website will correctly deal with cases in which users are jumping between multiple pages and we have also rectified a fault in which some invoices exhibited an incorrect sum due to a rounding error.
  3. Updated the wording throughout the website based on your feedback to improve clarity in some areas.
  4. Made several improvements to our integration with Sage based on user feedback.
  5. Fix for an issue with the Job Sheets and reintroducing the ability to clear the service due date on a job address.
  6. Major improvements to the link between GES and Xero based on user feedback