Updates for Gas Engineer Software – June 2020

by | Jun 9, 2020 | Gas Engineer Software

We’ve been very busy since our last progress update, with 38 new versions of the software released and more than 80 individual changes and improvements made across all platforms.

We’re happy to announce that Growth Plan users can now take advantage of our new Mailchimp integration, a much-requested feature that makes it easier than ever to send bulk emails and newsletters to all of your customers at once. Whether you’re telling your most loyal customers about an offer you have running, or you just want to keep people up-to-date on the ins and outs of your business, Mailchimp lets you do it all.

Their free tier allows you to store up to 2000 customer email addresses – which you can transfer seamlessly across from your Gas Engineer Software account – and you can send up to 10,000 emails a month. You can even schedule emails to run automatically at a certain time of the month, so you can set-and-forget all your marketing in one go. Set-up takes less than 5 minutes, and our friendly support team can walk you through the process if you’d like to try it out.

In other exciting news, the release of the complete Android rebuild is right around the corner – it’s being tested by a small pool of real users right now and, assuming all is well, it will be rolled out for wider release within the next month.

All of these updates and improvements are from your feedback and suggestions.

Thank you for your support.

For specific details of what has been improved, please see below.

Kind Regards

Tulloch Priest
And all the team at
Gas Engineer Software.

Web Portal Updates

(28 releases – current version 1.23.11)

• Fixed duplicate empty job being created upon edit -> approve of an existing issued record
• Rectified a rare fault that prevented invoices from carrying across for users using Sage Accounting Start accounts
• Removed “Appliances Inspected” count on Gas Safety forms
• Introduced validation for VAT on invoices, quotes, and estimates
• Rectified a fault that prevented new users from uploading a signature
• Introduced improvements to the sync to speed it up considerably
• Fixed ampersands being duplicated within contact details of the customer/property
• Fixed ventilation not being displayed correctly on the Landlord/Homeowner Gas Safety record
• Introduced changes to remedy some photo thumbnails not being displayed
• Quotes converted into Invoices will no longer be removed by the software
• Fixed rare case in which the Invoice total would be rounded up to an incorrect sum
• Fixed some burner makes and models being rejected by the software
• Fixed fault that resulted in the calendar event details being cleared upon being modified
• Rectified a fault that resulted in the date of payment not being displayed under the paid invoices section of the software
• Introduced improvements to the gas reports page; data can now be easily sorted
• Fixed a fault that resulted in the TI/133D record being duplicated in some cases
• Tightening of existing software security
• Introduced changes to our integration with Chargebee to address any cases in which your subscription does not automatically renew despite payment details being updated
• Fixed an unusual rounding issue that occurred in incredibly rare circumstances
• Calendar will no longer list jobs that have had an invoice issued
• Editing and re-issuing any records will now retain the original prefix
​• Rectified a fault that resulted in a blank Job Sheet being displayed, which occurred when clicking back after issuing a Job Sheet
•Template changes will no longer be saved upon clicking “Use Template”, only when clicking “Save”
• Gas Safe Registration No. will now be updated correctly for new sign-ups
• Introduced new integration with Mailchimp
• Invoices synced from Gas Engineer Software to QuickBooks will now retain the correct date
• Removed the text limit on the comments box of the LPG Record
• Introduced major changes to the integrations with Sage, Xero, and QuickBooks to greatly improve reliability
• If the date of an invoice is in the past, the software will now show a prompt before issuing
• Fixed instances where an incorrect date was being displayed under properties
•Introduced numbering option for the Gas Service Record
• Improvements to how reports are generated, to make it more reliable when generating larger PDFs
• Fix for a minor “user permissions” error
• Fixed some characters displaying incorrectly once saved
• Fixed rare instance where a company had disabled VAT, but VAT was still being included on some invoices
• Fixed issue where print function wasn’t working from the calendar
• Fixed a fault preventing the calendar permission from being disabled for some users
• Made required fields on forms clearer
•Details on the Bulk reminder letter generated via reports will now be aligned to a letter window
• Tank Type can now be easily changed on the CD/10 record when editing
• Changing the gas service due date on a record will now correctly update the gas service due under the property
• Fixed a fault that resulted in discount being applied incorrectly to invoices
•Fixed error message that was sometimes displayed when trying to sort by “Payment Date” or “Last Payment Method” under invoices
• Added the ability to search by phone number via both the Customer and Job Address Sections, as well as the Quick Search
• Fixed wording and layout on the Gas Breakdown Record
• Fixed a bug that resulted in the office email address still receiving emails, despite the corresponding option being unchecked
• Customer notes are now automatically synced to Sage when creating/updating a customer
• Introduced improvements to the sort functionality provided under the Invoices section
• Removed an obsolete numbering option from the Certificate Numbering settings
• Fixed specific symbols in the line item description stopping the invoice from syncing to Sage
•Fixed a fault that stopped new users from selecting the “No Registration” option as their oil registration
• Added a “PayPal” payment type
• Added validation to the postcode filed found under Company Settings
• User can now change their selected back account via the integration settings
• Introduced further changes to the letters generated by the software based on user feedback
• The Non-Domestic Gas Safety record will now update the Gas Service Due
• Fixed the “Send” button being incorrectly labelled in some instances as “Re-Send”
• Fixed the layout for the CD/11 when viewed on the web portal
• Introduced changes to the postcode validation within the software, so it is now only carried out on the Company Settings section of the software
• Introduced a “Disconnect” button for the account services found on the Integration Settings page

iOS App Updates

(9 releases – current version 5.5.8)

• Initial and subsequent syncs have been sped up considerably
• Added a button to re-send an email within the app
• Changes to where the Delete button is displayed for records, making it less prominent
• Warning prompts for any field will be automatically removed when making an amendment
• Introduced fix for rare case where gas service due date would be overwritten by the app while syncing
• Upon tapping “Download All”, the list will no longer shift and will retain the current position
• Rectified some labels changing their font when enabling the larger font size
• Increased character limit for the “Important Comments” on the CD/11
• “Engineer Comments” box on the Breakdown Record now scrolls
• App will download updated PDF if a connection is available when adding payment
• Reminder dates are now automatically pulled back from the server upon issuing a record, so that they’re in sync
• Updates to the “Send Email” function provided in the app based on user feedback
• Changes to the prompt displayed when selecting an invoice, reintroducing the “Add Payment” option and introducing the same option to the PDF view of the document
• Various prompts updated to provide more information
• Tweaks to calendar navigation
• Moved the option to copy the customer details for a property to the top of the screen so users see it sooner
• App will now provide a default description for any new jobs generated from calendar events
• Resolved some instances where new appliance makes/models/locations were not being retained by the app for future use
•Rectified a fault that resulted in the app not updating the list of menu options provided when switching between user accounts
• Changed the behavior of the calendar when opening for the first time, which will allow for faster navigation in some cases
• Introduced several back-end changes to prepare for upcoming features
• Greatly improved the stability of the software based on user feedback we have received

Android App Updates

(2 releases – current version 5.8.8)

The complete rebuild of our Android app is in its final stages of development and is currently being rolled out to a small pool of actual users for testing. We’ll have more news for you in the next month or so, but expect a brand new user-friendly interface that should make your experience with the app much more enjoyable. Plus, we’ll be introducing an integration with Anton Gas Analyzers which can be used for pulling and attaching readings for Gas Safety records.

These are the latest updates for the existing version of the app.
• Improvements to how PDFs are stored within the app, ensuring compatibility with the Android 10 update
• Significant improvements to sync time on initial and subsequent syncs