Updates for Gas Engineer Software – July 2020

by | Jul 7, 2020 | Gas Engineer Software

Hello again! Another month has gone by already, and we’ve spent it hard at work making improvements and changes to the software – since our last update we’ve had 10 releases across all platforms and made 23 individual changes overall.

As you’ll see below, many of the changes this month are focused on improving your experience with the software day-to-day; things like improving stability, changing some messages within the software to be clearer, and making it easier for admin users to manage things on the web portal.

We’ve also added the promised integration with Anton gas analyzers, which allows you to connect via Bluetooth and pull readings for any Gas Safety record.

In other news, we’re gradually releasing the big Android update to more users (around 1% at a time) so if all goes well it shouldn’t be long before all of our users are on the shiny new version of the app – we’re excited for you all to see the drastic improvements we’ve made across the board.

All of these updates and improvements are from your feedback and suggestions.

As always, thank you for your ongoing support.

For specific details of what has been improved, please see below.

Kind Regards

Tulloch Priest
And all the team at
Gas Engineer Software.

Web Portal Updates

(5 releases – current version 1.23.16)

• Administrative users can now disable/enable other users under their account
• Invoice reference number is now synced from GES to Xero
• Tweaked the wording of some warning messages displayed by the software
• Fixed minor issue where forms would not display the full company address on some records
• Connected company is now displayed under Xero Integration Settings
• Introduced improvements to the search function for Oil makes and models
• Added an option to select the default chart of account used for invoices synced to Xero
• Fixed rare instances where a customer’s password would be reset when updating details on their account
• Software now respects manual disconnection from within Xero
• Invoice URL is now passed to Xero, which means Xero can now provide a URL to your invoices within GES
• Users that do not have the office role will no longer be able to navigate to the Users settings page
• Various back-end changes for stability

iOS App Updates

(3 releases – current version 5.6.0)

• Introduced integration with Anton Gas Analyzers, which can be used for any gas safety records
• Added PayPal payment type for Invoices
• Added validation for the Postcode field under Settings
• Introduced improvements to how the app deals with multiple users signing in/out
• Performance improvements when searching through the existing jobs listing
• Issuing quotes and estimates will no longer remove a job from the existing jobs list
• Fixed a rare syncing error
• Minor UI changes based on user feedback
• Several improvements to the stability of the app based on user feedback

Android App Updates

(Current version 5.8.8)

The complete rebuild of our Android app is now in the process of being released! This is our biggest Android update ever, with major improvements to the user interface based on user feedback that bring it in line with the iOS version, as well as the much-requested Anton gas analyzer integration. We’re currently making it available to about 1% of users at a time, to test its stability and get some feedback- this is a gradual process, and you might not see the option to update for a while yet, so stay tuned for more updates as we go.

These are the latest updates for the existing version of the app.
• Improvements to how PDFs are stored within the app, ensuring compatibility with the Android 10 update
• Significant improvements to sync time on initial and subsequent syncs