Updates for Gas Engineer Software – January 2020

by | Jan 7, 2020 | Gas Engineer Software

A Very Happy New Year!

It’s been a very busy period since the last update newsletter, with 26 new versions of the software released and 66 new features / issues implemented.

Plus, we have almost finished the complete rebuild of the android app.

All of these updates and improvements are from your feedback and suggestions.

Thank you for your support.

For details of what has been improved, please see below.

Kind Regards

Tulloch Priest
And all the team at
Gas Engineer Software.

Web Portal Updates

(10 releases – current version 1.20.0)

• Improved sorting on both the Invoices and SMS reminders pages
• Fixed a rounding fault that occurred in some specific cases for invoices
• Added a warning when changing reminder frequency
• Removed the reconciled column
• Clicking a job address under the jobs screen will now take you straight into that job
• Fixed search functionality on the reports page
• Changed how line item templates are implemented to reduce the load on the DB
• Oil appliance due date can now be deleted
• Customer list is now in alphabetical order
• Added new exception handling to catch out validation errors
• Admin email will be CC’d only when box is checked under Settings
• Gas Service template address will now fix standard letter window
• Variable :propertyaddress has been added to all email templates
• Fixed VAT % changes on templates not being saved
• Fixed fault in which Invoices would be issued without an Invoice number
• Fixed incorrect message being displayed when attempting to log in with an invalid password
• Fixed incorrect message being displayed for users that didn’t have the necessary permissions
• Removed unnecessary error message for Sage which appeared on some occasions while using the software
• Payment terms and bank details will no longer be displayed on the Quotes and Estimates
• Ensure customers can enter html characters in text fields
• Fixed Quote/Estimate – issue a quote of £0 and it gets marked as PAID across in red
• Introduced new password reset changes, so it’s now immediate
• Updated Gas Warning Notice to include the contact details of Gas Emergency Services and Gas Safe Register
• Introduced a new sign-up screen
• Implementation of Sage v3 API
• Changes to account integration renewal

iOS App Updates

(14 releases – current version 5.4.9)

• Complete rebuild of the user interface
• A text scaling feature has been added, which can be found under Settings
• Improvements to the search functionality, a resolution for an issue related to the calendar
• Introduced additional validation throughout the app
• We have introduced a shortcut to the Web Portal from the Home Screen of the app
• Improvements to the responsiveness throughout the software
• Changes have been made to the Gas Rate Calculator to use less screen space for smaller devices
• The Existing Invoices list now makes it clearer from a glance which invoices are still waiting for payment
• Changes have been made to the calendar which will make selecting jobs significantly easier and faster
• Phone numbers utilizing spaces can now be tapped under calendar events
• A fault that occurred in very rare cases which resulted in some data being incorrectly merged has been addressed
• Improvements have been made to speed up the software when accessing Customers, Job Addresses and Jobs on older devices
• The signature box now utilises more of the screen on tablet devices
• Payments can now be taken while offline with the software, these will be backlogged until the next time you sync
• Several changes to improve the layout on tablet devices
• Form data is now automatically saved upon app minimisation
• Resolved a rare fault that resulted in some quotes failing to convert into invoices
• Changes have been made to the Event Details screen to make some information more clear
• A message has been introduced for confirmation before a record can be marked as approved/issued
• Improvements have been made to the way in which the Hours Used are calculated on the job sheet
• Major optimisations to memory consumption
• Fixed fault that resulted in some users being unable to sign into the software
• Added support for removing custom lookup options
• Changes to how some email tags are handled by the app
• Fixed fault when attempting to send a customer an SMS from a calendar event
• Fixed a very rare crash that occurred when adding payments to invoices
• Fixed a very rare fault that sometimes resulted in Gas Safety records displaying the incorrect data
• Reference number entered under the select job is now respected when creating a Job Sheet or Invoice
• Introduced several tweaks to the UI based on feedback
• More text can now be entered under the notes field of the Gas Service Record
• Improved navigation while using the calendar
• Greatly improved the speed of the initial sync
• Add Additional validation for some fields
• Major improvements to the time it takes to sync the software
• Changes to how jobs are sorted so it more closely matches the website
• Rectified a fault that allowed users to issue a Gas Safety record without entering any inspection results
• Resolved a crash that occurred for some users when converting an Estimate to a Quote or a Quote to an Invoice
• Interface changes to accommodate the newly introduced Dark Mode on iOS

Android App Updates

(2 releases – current version 5.8.6)

We have almost finished the complete rebuild of the android app and it is getting very close for release.

These are releases for the existing version of the app.
• Fixed the address lookup feature which now utilises the latest Google APIs and is better than ever.
• Fixed issue with ND Catering record becoming inaccessible to some users while using the software.