Updates for Gas Engineer Software – February 2019

by | Feb 1, 2019 | Gas Engineer Software

Major changes to our testing infrastructure with server provisioning via Kubernetes.

This is the first part of a massive project which we have been working on for the last 5 months, including all of the development and testing environments.

This will greatly improve our automatic testing as we will be able to create new servers, run test suites, notify developers of any issues and then shut the servers down without any manual intervention.

We will be able to do this with multiple code versions all at the same time and completely automated – without having to wait for other tests to finish or for other members of the team.

It will also mean that we can manually create new servers in less than 30 seconds when we want to double check new features or test bug fixes.

This will allow us to improve the software and build feature requests quicker than ever, with less issues.

The benefit to you is that your company will save even more time, look more professional and get more done.

For those who are interested in technology and would like to know more about Kubernetes click here

Kind Regards

Tulloch Priest
And all the team at
Gas Engineer Software.

iOS App Updates

(6 releases – current version 4.3.6)


  1. Postcode lookups now available for customers and job addresses
  2. Updated the Commercial Catering Inspection Record to adhere to current industry standards
  3. Text can now be entered into the Operating Pressure and Heat Input fields on the Gas Safety records
  4. Last VAT value entered will now be remembered between line items
  5. Added option to select Homeowner as owner for oil appliances
  6. Fixed appliance type not being saved for appliances
  7. Fixed being unable to change some details under settings
  8. Many backend changes to improve the reliability of the software
  9. Rectified issue that resulted in some fields appearing blank on the submitted PDF
  10. Fixed an issue encountered on the Gas Safety records, which resulted in some fields not respecting the user selection
  11. Rectified an issue that resulted in test data appearing under the appliance models, appliance type and location lists
  12. Changes to the keyboard provided on the Unvented Hot Water Cylinder record, based on user feedback
  13. Fixed typo found on registration screen

Android App Updates

(3 releases – current version 5.8.0)


  1. Introduced a number of backend changes that should improve app experience
  2. Added a shortcut for the gas rate calculator on the Gas Service and Gas Breakdown forms
  3. Fixed fields on the Homeowner and Landlord Gas Safety records not reflecting user selected options once issued
  4. Introduced major changes and improvements to the Non-Domestic Catering record
  5. Backend changes in preparation of upcoming Android updates
  6. Improvements to the stability of the software based on user feedback

Web Portal Updates

(6 releases – current version 1.13.6)


  1. Xero integration now respects customer titles during transfer of data.
  2. Contact numbers added to service reports.
  3. Added an extended search feature to the service reports.
  4. Improvements to both the LPG and Job Sheets based on user feedback.