Updates for Gas Engineer Software – December 2018

by | Dec 1, 2018 | Gas Engineer Software

In the last 30 days we have had two iOS releases, two Android releases, one Web portal update, plus the installation of brand new shiny database servers!

On top of this, we are also working on completely rebuilding the look and feel of the apps – to make it easier to use, easier on the eye, save you more time and to make you look more professional.

Kind Regards

Tulloch Priest
And all the team at
Gas Engineer Software.

iOS App Updates

(2 releases – current version 4.2.2)


  1. Improvements to how our support button is provided within the software, making it even easier to get the support you need.
  2. Improvements to how the software syncs data.
  3. Added operating burner pressure field to the Gas Service Record and Gas Breakdown Record.
  4. Overhauled the contact import function, which has introduced massive improvements to it’s reliability.
  5. Fixed very rare edge case where invoices were not been issued and attached to emails.

Android App Updates

(2 releases – current version 5.6.2)


  1. When producing a Quote for a new job, the job will now display “Quote” as the default description.
  2. Backend changes in preparation of upcoming Android updates.
  3. Improvements to the stability of the software based on user feedback.

Web Portal Updates

(1 release – current version 1.12.0)


  1. Xero integration now respects customer titles during transfer of data.
  2. Contact numbers added to service reports.
  3. Added an extended search feature to the service reports.
  4. Improvements to both the LPG and Job Sheets based on user feedback.