Updates for Gas Engineer Software – August 2020

by | Aug 5, 2020 | Gas Engineer Software

It’s that time of the month again, where we give you a quick rundown of the work we’ve been doing on Gas Engineer Software to make it even better and more reliable for you.

For the Web Portal and iOS app, our focus this month has been on back-end changes and fixes – little things that you might not notice straight away but improve your experience with the app nonetheless.

The big news is with Android users this month, as the Android app’s biggest ever update has now been made available to about 10% of all users – and we’re in the process of rolling it out to even more! We’re grateful to all of you that have provided feedback during this time as we get it up and running, and we’re excited for more of you to see what it has to offer.

All of these updates and improvements are from your feedback and suggestions.

As always, thank you for your ongoing support.

Take a look down below to see a full breakdown of the 10 releases and 38 individual changes we made this month.

Kind Regards

Tulloch Priest
And all the team at
Gas Engineer Software.

Web Portal Updates

(5 releases – current version 1.24.4)

• Added an export button to the report pages
• Added a search function to line item templates
• Fixed a fault that prevented users from issuing Unvented Hot Water Cylinder records
• The restricted permission option is no longer provided to administrative users
• Fixed a fault that resulted in the office email address being forwarded for some reminders despite having the option disabled
• Introduced changes to further improve security of the software
• Updated Xero authentication in line with changes they have made
• Fixed a fault that resulted in in the TI/133D displaying 1980 as the issued date in some cases
• Introduced a number of back-end changes that should provide a better user experience
• Fixed a fault that prevented a GES user from linking their GES account to Xero in some cases
• Fixed a fault that resulted in some roles being reset for users when resetting their password

iOS App Updates

(1 release – current version 5.6.1)

• Fixed a fault that sometimes prevented Unvented Hot Water Cylinder records from being issued and attached correctly
• Introduced changes to the sync to ensure better alignment between the app on your mobile device and data in the cloud
• Several back-end changes in preparation for upcoming features

Android App Updates

(5 releases – current version 6.0.5)

The big Android update we promised in our last newsletter has been rolled out to about 10% of users now, and we’re making it available to more users every week. The below updates are for this new version of the app.

• Completely revamped user interface that brings the Android version in line with iOS
• Significant improvements to workflow based on user feedback
• Added support for selecting “Paypal” as the payment type
• Introduced major improvements to the search feature within the app
• Improved verbosity of some messages the software provides
• The app will now respect your selected currency
• Fixed a crash on the CD/14 record
• Fixed a crash that occurred when toggling the flashlight continuously on the gas rate calculator
• Fixed the contact import option not pulling the first and last name
• Fixed an alert displaying that warned of losing changes, even when no changes had been made
• Fixed some minor issues with the user interface on the Minor Electrical Works record
• Fixed a rare issue where the main menu would sometimes disappear during sync
• Introduced the ability to change your current currency selection via the Settings menu in the app
• We’ve improved the quality of photos stored and sent by the app
• We have introduced changes to how VAT is handled when creating new line items, which should provide a more streamlines experience for those wishing to use different percentages
• Updated CD/11 Part 3 section, so all test result fields now allow decimal numbers
• Updated the keyboard provided on “nozzle size” field to allow decimal point in “nozzle size” and “heat input” fields
• Fixed inability to delete appliances when creating records
• Fixed records being sent when user adds photos, even when they haven’t clicked Send
• Fixed issue where adding multiple line item templates lead to only one line item being displayed
• Fixed calendar showing all events to users without calendar role
• Fixed certificates being generated from the calendar not being sent
• Fixed sync failing when updating appliance inspection details
• Fixed Homeowner Gas Safety Record being issued rather than Landlord Gas Safety Record
• Fixed restricted mode not being respected
• Fixed an upgrade fault that resulted in some calendar data not being displayed
• Fixed various records not being sent along with an invoice when issuing and sending an invoice