Updates for Gas Engineer Software – April 2021

by | Apr 7, 2021 | Gas Engineer Software

The big news for Gas Engineer Software this month is that we’ve just rolled out our massive Android update, which includes a total workflow overhaul and the integration with Anton Flue Gas Analysers, to 100% of users!

You should all now have access to the update via the Google Play Store, or your device may have already downloaded it automatically. I want to say thank you to everyone who provided feedback and helped us get to this point – we hope you all enjoy the end result!

We also took the opportunity over the bank holiday weekend to make some changes to the infrastructure of the software, laying the groundwork for an upcoming security update.

This update, when it’s introduced, will allow us to will speed up the syncing, increase security, reduce the load on the database servers and also allow you to log in with Google and Apple accounts – so keep your eyes peeled for more updates as we progress!

If you’d like to be among the first users notified when we make changes, release updates, and ask for feedback, remember that we now have a Facebook group with over 500 users which you can join today at the link below:

Official Gas Engineer Software Users Group.

All of these updates and improvements are from your feedback and suggestions.

Thank you for your support.

For a full breakdown of what we have changed this month across 5 separate releases, please see below.

Kind Regards

Tulloch Priest
And all the team at
Gas Engineer Software.

Web Portal Updates

(4 releases – current version 1.25.14)

• General back-end improvements to make the user experience smoother
• Changes to our underlying infrastructure in preparation for the upcoming security update

Android App Updates

(4 releases – current version 6.0.15)

Thanks to the feedback of our users, we’ve been able to roll the latest Android update out to 100% of our users!

Below are the latest changes we’ve made to the new version, as well as a quick overview of how things have changed for those of you just gaining access to this huge update:

• A new, more intuitive workflow built from the ground up
• Faster and more consistent syncing thanks to a complete remodel of the networking layer of the app
• Improvements to photo quality and the ability to preview PDFs in-app
• An integration with Bluetooth-enabled Anton flue gas analysers, so you can import your readings straight into a gas safety record
• Introduced improvements to login validation
• Introduced improvements to the UI based on user feedback
• Removed the character limit for the comments field in the Gas Service Record
• Inspections for the ND Catering will now be display as expected on the PDF
• Calendar events will now show building name/number
• Changed the keyboard provided for line items when editing line items on quotes/estimates/invoices
• Introduced several back-end changes to improve the stability of the software