They want you to pay for their broken-down boiler

by | Oct 11, 2021 | Gas Engineer Software

It’s only been two months since you serviced it. You remember this one. Mr and Mrs Carr, seemed like a lovely couple – until now, that is.

You know you did everything legit – not the sort to cut corners.
You know you stapled the analyser readings to the Gas Safety Record when you finished the job.

They’re claiming you didn’t.
“No evidence the work was completed.”
Threatening all sorts of legal action if you don’t repair it for free.

No chance.
At best, this is a misunderstanding.
At worst, they’re trying to scam you into giving them some freebies.

Now you have to dig up the record from two months ago…
Do you think you could find the photos and the analyser readings you took on-site…?

Plus you need to deal with the negative review they’ve put on Google.

What you want is to pull up the evidence immediately.
Send it to them right away, and shoot down the argument before it even starts.

Bulletproof your business with Gas Engineer Software

Import all your FGA readings to records automatically with the tap of a button.
So you always have proof the work has been done standard.

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Kind Regards

Oliver Spencer
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Gas Engineer Software.