…there is still that quote you promised.

by | Jun 28, 2021 | Gas Engineer Software

It’s late, you are at your desk after a long, manic day… You are tired and only want to relax. But there is still that quote you promised to send.

Where are the notes? Or was it a few photos, thinking you would remember.
Should you go out and check the van? Just in case?
Does she want the kitchen radiator valve changed too? Or was that for Mrs Jones?

You have a nagging feeling, that things are falling between the cracks and taking too long.
Plus it’s never good if customers are chasing you for quotes.

You should be enjoying your evenings with your loved ones, not at your desk.

What you want is to get it done – BEFORE leaving for the next job.
Your customer receives it straight away; you can relax, clear your mind and focus on the next job.

Create the quote while talking to customers with Gas Engineer Software

Use the customisable quote templates to easily and quickly create quotes on your phone or tablet.

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Kind Regards

Oliver Spencer
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