Stop bringing your work home with you

by | Mar 26, 2020 | Gas Engineer Software

Even when you’ve finished doing a job for a customer, that’s probably not the end of the work you have to put in – you still have to fill out a certificate to prove the job’s been done, as well as sending and following up on invoices to make sure you’re actually paid for the work you’ve completed.

The problem is, the second you walk away from the job site, these little things start to slip away from you.

What happened to your copy of the certificate? Did you actually remember to send that invoice? Are you even going to have proof in a month’s time that the work was completed properly?

Gas Engineer Software tackles these problems by letting you complete all the busywork before you ever leave the job site.

You can create professional, standardised certificates and invoices right on your phone or tablet using our iOS and Android apps; these documents are then stored securely on your device, and you can easily sync them with an office computer as soon as you’re back on Wifi.

Plus, the documents can be sent to customers directly via email as soon as they’re completed, so you never forget to send an invoice off again.

Stop bringing your work home with you – try a free 30-day trial today, and leave it all at the job site.

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