September 2022 Updates

by | Sep 30, 2022 | Gas Engineer Software

Web Portal Updates
(Current version 1.44.13)

  • Fixed cases where emails would send in an infinite loop
  • Remote database upload function will now only operate for the specific user
  • Fixed Sentry error
  • Removed a legacy page users could access
  • Overhauled the searching functionality available on the website
  • Fixed increased database load
  • Fixed Firebase Sentry error
  • Fixed ‘Buy Now’ for SMS credits redirecting to subscription page
  • Fixed rounding error on invoices table
  • Fixed minor quirks with ‘Create New’ page, inc. correcting ‘Field Rocket’ to ‘FieldRocket’





iOS App Updates
(Current version 5.17.7)

  • Fixed a crash users encountered when zooming in on a PDF under iOS 16
  • Introduced other improvements to the stability of the software based on user feedback


Android App Updates
urrent version 6.14.7)
  • Fixed makes/models not being saved by the app
  • We’ve also introduced changes which will improve the stability of the software based on user feedback
  • Fixed ‘:jobaddress’ tag not being respected by the app when used in the subject field
  • Fixed the camera icon becoming hidden when adding a signature or tapping onto it then back
  • Fixed cases in which the last successful sync time was not updated
  • Introduced a number of other improvements based on user feedback
  • Fixed a sync error when issuing a CD/11 in some rare cases
  • Fixed an edge case which could have allowed users with restricted access to access other parts of the software