Who updated the appointment for Mrs White?

by | Jan 17, 2022 | Gas Engineer Software

You’ve missed her job now.

Who updated the appointment for Mrs White?
Well it must have been somebody.

This is the third time in a month you’ve had problems.
It’s too easy for the engineers to swap jobs without asking.
Suits them fine, but it’s no good when you start missing jobs.

What you want is a way to limit your engineers’ access.
So that only your admin staff can make changes – and only when needed.

Restrict users’ access to just what they need

Gas Engineer Software lets you restrict users’ access depending on their role.
So office staff can see calendars, invoices, and more…
While your engineers can see just what they need to complete the work.
So there’ll be no more unexpected meddling with the calendar.

To try it for yourself, sign up for your free trial today.

Kind Regards

Oliver Spencer
And all the team at
Gas Engineer Software.