Quotes, Invoices Templates and Appliance Pick lists

by | Aug 7, 2014 | Gas Engineer Software

We have added a couple of very nice features so you don’t need to keep typing out the same things over and over.

Both of these features are on the Android App and the Website. We are just doing the final testing for the iPhone and iPad so they will also appear there shortly along with the Oil Certificates.

Quote and Invoice Templates

When creating  a new Quote or Invoice, you can use a number of customisable templates.

When you select one of the templates it will create a New Line Item within the Quote or Invoice with the wording and pricing from the template.

These templates can be used for Quotes or Invoices that you regularly create.

To use or create a Template, click on the ‘Use Template’ button on the Line Item screen. (within a Quote or Invoice)

On the next screen you can click on any the templates to use them or click on the Edit button to update the template.

Appliance Pick lists

On the Android App when you click within Appliance Make or Model fields it will now give you a list of all makes and models.

You can also enter makes and models that are not on the list and they will then be shown next time.

Thanks for all of your feedback and help improving the software.