Postcode Lookup comes to the Android App – Plus other Updates

by | Aug 7, 2017 | Gas Engineer Software

Start typing any part of the postcode, house number or street address and the app will provide suggestions near your location.

Save time and typo’s! Also aside this we have a number of other updates.

Android Tablets and Phones

1) Details copied from postcode lookup will begin from street address, rather than building

2) Added ‘Create New Record’ option on calendar events

3) Correction on CD10 for tank capacity description

4) Jobs are now ordered correctly

5) Resolution for crash that occurred in some rare cases when creating a new certificate from a calendar event

6) Further changes to improve clarity on calendar event screen

7) Added ‘Create New Record’ option on calendar events

8) Fixed a typo on the Gas Warning Notice forms

9) Fixed date on invoice not being updated once converted from a quote

10) Added a lookup option for customers and job addresses that allows you to search for an address and automatically fill in the customer’s fields with that information

11) Added blank option to the customer title drop down to bring it in line with the website

12) Minor changes to Gas Safety Records form to bring it more in line with the forms used on the website

13) Minor refinements to job address and customer searches

14) Minor UI refinements as the app is further optimised for higher resolution screens

iPhone and iPads Apps Updated

1) Split ‘inlet water pressure and flow rate’ field on Unvented Hot Water Cylinder certificate into two fields

2) Cleaned up drop down list for customer title; replaced NA with blank option to bring it in line with the website

3) Jobs list under the calendar is now sorted from highest to lowest

4) Minor UI refinements