by | Nov 9, 2022 | Gas Engineer Software

Web Portal Updates
(Current version 1.44.13)

  • Fixed incorrect pricing being displayed when adding additional users
  • Fixed cases in which some results were still missing when searching
  • Fixed line break appearing visibly for some certificate comments
  • Fixed flow when logging into either of the apps with a Google/Apple login
  • Added the ability to select/deselect attachments on emails
  • Introduced more automated tests
  • Removed Rabbit initialisation where it is not required
  • Introduced improvements to inviting an additional users
  • FGA PDF will now be generated in portrait landscape
  • Fixed cases in which the company logo didn’t display as expected
  • Fixed case in which Gas Service Due Date for Service Record was not updating
  • Reduced frequency of silent push requests
  • Fixed LPG record displaying incorrectly when adding multiple appliances
  • The search bar is not pulling the correct Job Address results
  • Attachment with fga readings is lost on resending email
  • Include body of email for inbound emails in Kibana logs
  • VAT amount on exported spreadsheet is incorrect
  • Password reset link does not expire after usage or after issuing another request
  • Allow company logo to be updated via the mobile apps





iOS App Updates
(Current version 5.17.7)

  • Introduced a significant overhaul of the app syncing functionality which will greatly improve reliability
  • Fixed an edge case in which users with the restricted role could access unauthorised sections
  • Fixed PDF failing to display on some older versions of iOS
  • Introduced improvements to how and when users can attach photos to records
  • Fixed cases where calendar events were not updating on sync
  • Fixed a case where the certificate preview could appear blank


Android App Updates
urrent version 6.14.7)
  • Fixed a sync error when issuing a CD/11 in some rare cases
  • Fixed an edge case which could have allowed users with restricted access to access other parts of the software
  • Introduced stability improvements based on user feedback