November Update 2017

by | Nov 20, 2017 | Gas Engineer Software

Website, iPhone / iPad and Android Apps Updated

it’s been a very busy November.

The two big highlights so far are;

  • – SageOne Accounts Integration is getting close to the testing stage.
    – Calendar back-end completely re-written for speed – especially for larger companies with 10k plus open jobs.

For more details on the updates please see below:

Website Updates

  • 1) SageOne Accounts Integration is almost ready for testing stage.
    2) Major improvements to the calendar, including an overhaul of back-end systems that have resulted in huge speed improvements.
    3) Improved HTML view to update when issuing certificates and clicking back within the browser.
    4) Updated calendar event to show job details correctly if the job is marked as completed.
    5) Enabled support for non-standard characters within calendar events
    6) Improved Xero integration so that customers are synced when created through ‘Create New…’ tab.
    7) Only allow buttons been pushed once when creating certificates so only one certificate is created.

iPhone / iPad Apps Updates

  • 1) Major improvements to calendar performance.
    2) Improved app responsiveness.
    3) Updated sort order for jobs list in calendar events.
    4) Updated email template to show invoice template after converting quote to invoice.
    5) Added additional support for iOS 11.
    6) Updated calendar to have the same behaviour as the website with events strike out.
  • 7) Also tidied up issue on calendar with events with no address or customer details provided.
    8) Updated quote email to fix variables phone number and company name.

Android Updates

  • 1) Improved Calendar events.
    2) Cleared an invalid date shown in service due date field, if no service due date had been set.