New Certificate – Minor Electrical Works Certificate

by | Oct 25, 2013 | Gas Engineer Software

User Requested – Minor Electrical Works Certificate

On the ‘Create New’ tab you can now create Minor Electrical Works Certificates.

Bug Fixes / Smaller Updates

1) Increased the size of the Notes field on the Appliance Details, to help you track any repairs or updates to the appliance.

2) All Day, tick box on the Calendar popup – saves having to enter a start and finish time for all day jobs.

3) Added a ‘Print’ button to job sheets – this is so you can print the job sheet and still able to make changes to it later.

If you spot any errors or bugs please let me know.

Coming Shortly

Available in around one week’s time

1) CD10 Oil Fired Installation Completion Report

2) CD11 Servicing and Commissioning Report

Available in around one to two week’s time

3) iPhone and iPad App

4) Android App

Initially this will be just for creating Landlords and Homeowners Gas Safety Certificates and will work when you have no internet reception.

All of your customer details, properties and records will be automatically synced between the App and website.

Thanks for everyone’s feedback regarding these features, please keep them coming so we can keep improving the software.