Landscape Format is Now on the iPads – Just like the Andrioid Apps

by | Nov 9, 2015 | Gas Engineer Software

The long awaited update of the iPad App which includes viewing the app in landscape has now been released!

(just like the Android App) For those of you who find using a keyboard easier than taping the screen then this update is for you.

The reason this has taken so much development is that within the code you need to recreate every screen in landscape.

Thank you for everyone who has suggested this and I hope you find it useful!

To update your app please click on App Store image below

Other iPad and iPhone Updates

1) Call and Text button for Customer and Tenants on iPhone

2) Able to Issue Warning notices without an Appliance

3) Added Oil Service Due Date to iPhone and iPad

4) Gas Rate Calculator now has alarm on completion

5) Invoices and Quotes can now have Negative Quantity for Discounting

6) Add GIA% to drop down menu on ND Testing and Purging

7) Updates to ND Catering

8) Fixed crash for iPhone 4s on ND Catering

9) Updates to Legionella Risk Assessment

10) Fixed bug where some inspection details were not been saved correct when accessed via the drafts

11) And other updates and improvements

Android App Updates

We have also released a update to all of the Android Apps

1) Corrected Wording on Warning Certificate

2) Fixed issue with Screen Rotation not Locking

To update your Android App please click on the play store image below

As always if you have any questions please let us know.

And I hope you find these updates useful.

From all the Team at Gas Engineer Software