June 2022 Updates

by | Jun 29, 2022 | Gas Engineer Software

Web Portal Updates
(Current version 1.43.4)

  • Added Field Rocket forms widget 
  • Introduced back-end changes necessary for supporting silent push notifications 
  • Archived appliances are now shown under a property and can quickly be restored 
  • Introduced backend changes for the integrations that will make them easier to test on dev environments
  • Fixed reconciling Paid Invoices throwing an error message 
  • Fixed a “Property does not match Job” syncing error 
  • Fixed issues exporting job addresses via admin panel 
  • Fixed Sentry errors 
  • Fixed calendar events not assigning job number when creating from calendar 
  • Fixed VAT on invoices issued being removed when a payment is added to the Invoice, following VAT being removed for Company 
  • Fixed Chargebee webhook returning 500 error 
  • Fixed Mailman errors 
  • Fixed Payment Received Template displaying incorrectly on Records
  • Introduced user sign-up Api changes
  • Introduced API logic for DRC




iOS App Updates
(Current version 5.17.5)

  • Added an option to send a payment received email, when adding a payment to an invoice
  • Added the ability to preview a record before sending it
  • Introduced changes to the app so the server can send silent push requests
  • Introduced changes to support other Kane FGA models
  • Fixed cases in which it was not possible to view a record while offline
  • Fixed situations in which the job status did not get updated
  • Fixed job reference number not saving for invoices

Android App Updates
urrent version 6.14.4)
  • Added filter function under the Existing Invoices section; filter between paid, unpaid and draft invoices
  • Added filter function to the calendar; show only events assigned to yourself or everyone instantly
  • Multiple data types are now allowed in the Operating Pressure field on Gas records
  • Fixed blank appliance generated when issuing Gas Warning Notice with ‘No Appliance’
  • Fixed adding a payment to an invoice via the PDF Preview resulting in a never-ending spinner
  • Fixed crash when creating customer from the jobs tab
  • Fixed creating a job from an event causing the start/end date to reset
  • Fixed spaces being removed for new Appliance Make entries
  • Tapping on the ‘Got a Question?’ option if your account expires will now open our support chat, allowing you to instantly get the help you need
  • App can now receive prompts from the server to sync in the background, keeping your data more up-to-date
  • Introduced UX improvements for large text fields when scrolling
  • Removed a redundant question on the Homeowner record