January 2023 Updates

by | Feb 1, 2023 | Gas Engineer Software

Web Portal Updates
(Current version 1.44.13)

  • Resolved instances in which download stops when attempting to export invoice data
  • Added push notifications for calendar updates
  • Added analytics (Amplitude)
  • Fixed admin panel company filtering is not working
  • Fixed GES-LIVE-AppNotifierDeviceTokens excessive reading
  • Fixed adding a forward-slash ‘/’ to photo name preventing the email from being sent
  • Fixed title field receiving random characters when pulled onto Records





iOS App Updates
(Current version 5.17.7)

  • Fixed calendar events not updating assignee upon sync
  • Fixed app attempting to sync while offline after updating an event
  • Fixed deleting custom appliance types resulting in the wrong type being removed
  • This release also introduces other improvements to stability based on user feedback
  • Introduced a week view for the calendar, giving you a better overview of upcoming events
  • Added filter option to the existing invoices section, making it easier to see which invoices are paid or unpaid
  • Added new field for Gas records allowing users to explicitly choose the next inspection due date if desired
  • Added support for selecting which attachments are included on an email
  • Added engineer filter for the calendar
  • Added a barcode scanning feature for serial number fields
  • Introduced a number of stability improvements based on user feedback


Android App Updates
urrent version 6.14.7)
  • Added a new rotate/crop prompt when uploading photos
  • Added ‘Navigate to Address’ shortcut for Customers and Job Addresses
  • Added a speech-to-text shortcut for large text fields
  • Added animations for adding payment, sending email and previewing record
  • Added support for newer Kane devices
  • Improved the stability of the software based on feedback
  • Improved the security of the software