…are they still waiting on that quote?

by | Dec 13, 2021 | Gas Engineer Software

Mike asks…

“Does anyone know about a quote for Mrs Scarlett from two weeks ago? She’s really unhappy.”

No takers.
Someone obviously forgot to send a quote, but no one’s owning up.

That’s going to be your job, then.
Put your other work on hold so you can call Mrs Scarlett,
hopefully hold onto her business.

You should be able to focus on the big picture stuff,
instead of chasing customers your team should have taken care of.

What you want is to get quotes done straight away.
So you don’t have to make these kinds of calls.

Issue professional quotes

With Gas Engineer Software, your team can use the customisable quote templates to easily and quickly create quotes on their phones, tablets, or desktops.
Even better, it’s instant – so your customers don’t end up waiting for the quote that never arrives.

To try it for yourself, sign up for your free trial today.

Kind Regards

Oliver Spencer
And all the team at
Gas Engineer Software.