iPhone and iPad Users – Please Don’t Update to iOS10 Just Yet

by | Sep 15, 2016 | Gas Engineer Software

If you are using an iPad or iPhone, please hold off upgrading your apple device to iOS 10 for the minute.

As it seems to change how some of the user interface looks and acts – and not in a good way! We are in the process of sorting these issues out, but if you can wait until the next iPad and iPhone version of Gas Engineer Software is out before going ahead with the iOS upgrade, then you’ll be less likely to experience any issues with the software after upgrading your device.

We will be releasing the next version very shortly we just want to make sure it is 100% good to go before we do so.

Aside from the above, as a general rule is typically good to wait about a month or so after these major iOS updates are released before updating.

This gives Apple the chance to fix all of the bugs and will normally save you a lot of pain.

I hope this helps and enjoy the rest of your day.

And thank you once again for using our software!

Tulloch Priest

And all the Team at Gas Engineer Software

0207 129 7058