How we Get Customers via Google

by | Jul 10, 2017 | Gas Engineer Software

In the beginning when we were trying to think of a name for our new software, there were a whole heap of factors involved.

The main goal was to make it as easy as possible for our customers to find us. This got us thinking about what exactly Gas Engineers search for when looking for software.

And with a little help from our very good friend Google we were able to find out.

They have a very handy free tool where you can find out how many people are search different search terms. (the ‘Keyword Planner’ tool within ‘Google AdWords’)

For each entered search term (plus a number of suggestions), google provides the rough volume.

To make sure that people were getting what they expected and it was relevant, we wanted to include the word ‘software’ or similar in the title.

(As a side note you can also see what a small difference makes with the extra ‘s’.)


Letting Google Know

Once we had decided on the name, letting google know was the easy part.

As the product name is naturally in the domain name, website title and also any links.

This (along with a number of other things) helps bump it up to the first organic listing (first free listing) in the search results.

How this can help your business

Every company can have as many websites as you like, so using the above you could create a site for the search term you want.

Just make sure that you are looking for highly relevant keywords for your business – it’s tempting to go for ‘boiler service’ with 10k to 100k searches per month, but as it does not have a location you would have to be lucky to get a customer in your local area.

It’s a lot better to go with ‘boiler service Southampton’ and the 10 to 100 searches per month.

This is a less competitive keyword so your site will rank higher with less work and all enquires will be people who you can help.

The nice part about getting the foundations right is that you get the return over many years.