Gas Service and Gas Breakdown Record added to Android App

by | Apr 13, 2014 | Gas Engineer Software

Over the last two weeks we have been busy adding to the testing infrastructure and also putting extra checks in place to make sure the apps and website work without fail.

We are also building the foundations so we can release another 12 certificates on the website in 7 weeks time. I am also pleased to announce that the Gas Service and Gas Breakdown Records are now on the Android app and will be also on the iPhone/ iPad in around 8 days time.

Please make sure you upgrade your version of the apps to ensure you have all of the new features.

Gas Service and Gas Breakdown Records are now on the Android App

As requested by a large number of engineers.

Other Updates

1) New Feature – You are now able to record why an invoices was deleted

2) New Feature – There are now a larger range of Activity types listed on the calendar

Coming Shortly

1) Gas Service and Gas Breakdown Records for iPhone and iPad Apps.

2) In 7 weeks time we will have 12 new certificates on the website – these will be the most frequently used Commercial Gas and remaining Domestic and Oil Certificates. If you have any requests please let me know and I will make sure it is on the list.

Thanks for everyone’s help and support.