Four New Oil Certificates on iPhone and iPad. Download All, Share and Print Feature for Certificates

by | Aug 19, 2014 | Gas Engineer Software

We have added a button to download and view all of your certificates on the Apps.

The apps were only storing a small number of previous certificates and the full list and Job History was only shown on the website. This was quite confusing so we have updated the iPhone, iPad and the Android App will be updated in the next couple of days.

Download All Certificates

On the Apps when you click on ‘Existing Certificates and Drafts’ then click within one of the folders.

You will now see a button at the bottom called ‘Download All’

When pushed this will download all of your existing Certificates.

(note if you have more than 500 or so certs it may take around a minute to download all of the data)

Delete, Print and Share Certificates

Once you have opened a existing certificate there are now options to either Print, Delete or Share it.

Four New Oil Certificates Added to iPhone and iPad

Bring the total number of certificates available to 13 on the iPhone, iPad and Android Apps.

Available Certificates

1) Oil Installation Report (CD/10)

2) Oil Service Commission Report (CD/11)

3) Landlord Oil Installation Check (CD/12)

4) Oil Warning and Advice Notice (CD/14)

5) Domestic Oil Storage Tank Spillage and Fire Risk Assessment (TI/133D)

6) Job Sheet

7) Quotes

8) Invoices

9) Landlord Gas Safety Certificate

10) Homeowner Gas Safety Certificate

11) Gas Warning Notice

12) Gas Service Breakdown Record

13) Gas Service Maintenance Check List

Thanks for all of your feedback and help improving the software.