February 2023 Updates

by | Feb 22, 2023 | Gas Engineer Software

Web Portal Updates
(Current version 1.44.13)

  • Introduced a number of improvements to the search functionality provided by the software
    • Invoices and quotes are now displayed separately
    • Removed job sheet content from suggested results
    • Tab order has been adjusted
    • Jobs can now be searched for by their reference number
    • Events are now searchable
  • Automatic reminders are automatically disabled upon archiving a customer
  • Activity type now defaults to servicing
  • VAT will no longer appear for invoices marked as DRC when exporting invoice data
  • Introduced improvements to appliance creation, which resolves a case in which a blank appliance could be created
  • Deleting a cost template will now completely remove it from the selection list
  • Changed the time frame at which SMS reminders are dispatched (now between 8AM to 6PM)
  • Estimate PDFs that are downloaded will now use a clearer filename
  • Resolved instances in which downloading a PDF could at times result in a corrupted copy
  • Resolved a rare case in which an event could potentially become unassigned
  • And many more other improvements more thanks to user feedback!





iOS App Updates
(Current version 5.17.7)

  • Overhauled our New Record page to provide options to favourite and search
  • Support for including FGA readings for the CD/11 and CD/12 forms has been added
  • Speech-to-text option for all large text fields
  • If there are no existing jobs, the app will now automatically move onto creating a new job
  • Introduced animations when adding a payment, sending an email and loading a preview


Android App Updates
urrent version 6.14.7)
  • pp will now be able to handle bulk photos more reliably
  • Resolved job reference on job sheets not being retained in some situations
  • Overhauled the New Record menu and introduced an option to add records to your favourites
  • Company logo will now save correctly upon updating
  • Calendar will now scroll to the latest event upon opening, regardless of user role
  • Improved customer details screen