Edit Existing Issued Certificates and BCC a copy of every email to the Company email address

by | Jun 11, 2014 | Gas Engineer Software

Edit Existing Issued Certificates

To Edit an Existing Certificate, simply go to the job details and click on the Icon next to where it says ‘Certificate Issued’. This will open up the existing certificate and there will be an Edit button in the bottom left hand side.

This will be very handy if you have made a mistake and just need to update one or two items.

BCC a copy of every email to the Company email address

If you click on the Settings tab, then on the Company Settings.

Under the Admin Email address, if you place a tick next to the label ‘BCC all emails to Admin Email’

All of the emails will be BCC to the Admin Email account.

Other Updates

1) Small updates to the TI/133D and CD10 Certificates.

2) Tidying up of the certificate buttons on the Job Details page.

3) Automatically add the tenants name and phone number into the details of an Appointment.

4) Emails with incorrect email address are now returned to the engineer.

Coming Shortly

We are currently rebuild all of the syncing code and error checking on both of the Apps.
This will speed up Syncing and also be able to handle poor network connect speeds better.

We are also adding a number of certificates to the website and they will be ready in 4 weeks time.

Thanks for everyone’s feedback and help improving the software.