Don’t keep your customers waiting

by | Feb 11, 2020 | Gas Engineer Software

Customers don’t like waiting around – that’s just a fact.

So when a customer calls you up to schedule their boiler service, they probably don’t want to sit on hold for ten minutes while you try and figure out which of your engineers are free and when.

The more employees you have and the more work you take on, the more of an issue this becomes – so what’s the answer?

Gas Engineer Software provides you with a live calendar where you can schedule all your jobs and keep track of where your team is going to be on any given day. This lets you easily schedule a job for a customer while they’re still on the phone, without flicking through a ratty paper diary or phoning up all your engineers individually – which means no more losing customers who don’t want to wait around.

Try Gas Engineer Software for yourself today with a free 30-day trial, to see how quickly it could improve your everyday organisation.

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