Create your Own ‘Homecare Cover’ packages for your Customers

by | Mar 14, 2017 | Gas Engineer Software

Have you ever thought of creating your own monthly subscription ‘Homecare Cover’ packages for your customers?

This would mean that you would have an ongoing monthly income while giving your customers peace of mind and helping them manage their cashflow. Over time your income grows and your relationship with your customers is stronger – plus it makes it easier to plan boiler servicing, as you know you will get the work.

One easy and cost effective ways to do this is via Debit.

We use a company called GoCardless for Gas Engineer Software.

Their fees are 1% and there is no monthly charge.

And it is super easy to setup the subscriptions via their website.

I hope this helps your business to grow.

iPhone and iPads Apps Updated

1) Split ‘inlet water pressure and flow rate’ field on Unvented Hot Water Cylinder certificate into two fields

2) Cleaned up drop down list for customer title; replaced NA with blank option to bring it in line with the website

3) Jobs list under the calendar is now sorted from highest to lowest

4) Minor UI refinements