CD/14 Warning and Advice Notice added to the website

by | Jan 23, 2014 | Gas Engineer Software

CD/14 Warning and Advice Notice added to the web portal

You can create the certificate from the ‘Create New’ tab.

Android Update – Please upgrade.

If you are using the Android App please make sure you upgrade it as there was a bug with updating the installation address postcode of existing properties.

To upgrade your app, simply go to app store and if it says ‘Update’ click on the button. (the current version is 1.3)

If it says ‘Open’ it means that your app has been updated already.

Other Updates and Bug Fixes

1) Bug Fixed – Quote and Invoices would not accept quote marks (“) without causing issues.

2) Bug Fixed – Service Reminders were creating two jobs instead of one.

3) New Feature – Service Reminders – a copy of every service reminder is now also send to the engineer.

4) Bug Fixed – Service Reminders emails were shown under the job history, but not under the customer or property history.

5) Bug Fixed – Invoices where the customer had overpaid were not shown on the Paid Tab.

6) New Feature – The software may not work correctly on very old browsers like ‘Internet Explorer 8’ A popup message will now ask you upgrade if using an old browser.

Coming Shortly

Warning Notice added to the iPad and iPhone App.

Thanks for everyone’s feedback and help improving the software.