Android, iOS and Website Portal Updated

by | Apr 30, 2017 | Gas Engineer Software

Both the Android and iOS apps as well as the website portal has been updated with a large number of changes.

One of the major changes we’ve introduced in this release is a Smoke Alarms section that has been added to both the Landlord and Homeowner Gas Safety Records. Aside from the above there are a number of smaller changes and improvements – please see below for details.

I hope these changes help your business grow and if you have questions please feel free to ask and we’ll do our very best!

Android Apps Updates

1) Major improvements to both customer, existing certs and jobs listings within the app with improvements to the reliability of searches within these menus.

2) Added smoke alarm section on Gas Safety certificates.

3) Fixed an incredibly rare rounding issue that resulted in an incorrect VAT on some invoices.

4) Simplified dialogue when adding / removing photo attachments.

5) Forms are now correctly updated when modifying a draft that had been saved earlier.

6) App now uses pop-up signature box for signups.

iOS Apps Updates

1) Added smoke alarm section for Landlord/Homeowner Gas Safety certificates

2) Corrected heading on CD/12

Website Portal Updates

1) Added section for smoke alarms on Gas Safety certificates.

2) Fixed new invoice templates missing title on Internet Explorer.

3) Fixed an issue that stopped users from adding new customers alongside new job addresses.

4) ‘NA’ can now correctly be entered into fields on the Leisure Industry certificate.

5) Updated wording on both Gas Warning Notice and Gas Service Record certificates.

6) Jobs under ‘Jobs’ tab are now initially automatically sorted by modification date.