Android and iOS Apps Updated

by | Aug 25, 2016 | Gas Engineer Software

It have been an exciting month with two new versions of the Android App and one new iPhone/ iPad version released.

This is due to everyone’s suggestions and feedback.
I am just sorry we are not able to do everything suggested!

We are also changing the way we work so we can release smaller changes, quicker.

This will mean we can be a lot more responsive to your needs.

I hope these updates help you with building and running your business.

And thank you once again for using our software!


1)  Fixed issue with photos being compressed to an unreasonable size.

2)  Fixed a minor typo on the CD/11.

3)  Fixed issue where some fields would become cleared when rotating the device.

4)  Fixed issue that when logging in with an expired account and then logging in with a valid one.

5)  Added a new save button during Quote/Invoice creation.

6)  Unvented Hot Water Cylinder; numerical input is no longer enforced.

7)  Improved accuracy of search results on job addresses.

8)  UI refinements; tick boxes now use vector images.

9)  Gas Rate Calculator now returns gross result on forms, rather than the net result.

10) Screen will no longer turn off while Gas Rate Calculator is in usage.

11) Some minor UI changes.

12) Plus a number of other bug fixes and improvements.

iPad and iPhone

1) Attaching photos is now slightly quicker and will now display a timer.

2) Resolved an issue where in some occasions, draft invoices would not display under existing.

3) Made improvements to how contacts are imported into the app from the device.

4) Date selection will now remain on screen until user taps ‘done’.

5) Plus a number of other bug fixes and improvements.

I hope you have a very good evening.

From all the Team at Gas Engineer Software