Alternative Name and Address for Invoice and Quotes

by | Apr 23, 2014 | Gas Engineer Software

It has been a very busy couple of weeks, first we were patching the servers straight after announcement of the Heart Bleed Security and have been creating a replicate website solely for testing the apps.

We are also investing heavily in different testing systems to help make sure the Apps and Website work securely and reliably – each and every time. If you are using the Apps please make sure you are using the latest version – this should be done automatically but it is worth checking with the iStore and Play Store every so often.

In this update there is not a lot of new features but there has been a lot of work in the back ground making sure all of the systems are working correctly and it is secure.

Alternative Name and Address for Invoice and Quotes

As requested by various engineers.

You can now change who and where an invoice is made out to on the website.

Other Updates

1) Bug Fix – All certificates within the same job will now be attached to the invoice email when it is sent. (previously it was only doing this with the Gas Safety Certificate)  This saves you time if the customer has misplaced the original email with the certificate.

Coming Shortly

1) Gas Service and Gas Breakdown Records for Android, iPhone and iPad Apps – these are in the final testing and will be released shortly.

2) In 10 weeks time we are looking to have 12 new certificates on the website – these will be the most frequently used Commercial Gas and remaining Domestic and Oil Certificates. If you have any requests please let me know and I will make sure it is on the list.

Thanks for everyone’s feedback and help improving the software.